What? : H0me.

Why do people who know the least know it the loudest?

I know much of nothing. Starting to forget everything. Maybe someday, when I return here, I can find it again.

*what to do when your pc stuck at the post screen?-remove all the USB attach on computer and then just restart.

*create individual error msg using a text file
open notepad then type "x=msgbox("error text",1+16,"error tittle")" save the file with ending with ".vbs"
double click the file to generate the msg.

*WINDOWS 8 Start the operating system without entering login data
Logging in with your username and password protects your computer against unauthorised access. But if you are the only one using the PC at home, then you can also start Windows 8 without logging in. Simultaneously press [Windows] + [R] on the keyboard. The “Run” window opens where you type the command “netplwiz” and confirm this with the [Enter] key. Disable the check mark right on top against the option “User must enter a user name and password to use this computer”. Subsequently click on the “Apply” button and another window will open. Enter the name of the account in this window and confirm the relevant password twice. Then click on “OK” which will close the window. Now again click on “OK” and your settings will be saved. Entering the password will not be necessary when the computer is restarted